Obamacare 2022 Income Limits.

This is an outline of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) income ranges that will qualify for financial assistance for enrollment in 2022 coverage On Marketplace.

The minimum income for a single individual in 2022 is $12,880. Any single person that has an income reported less than this will loose their Premium Tax Credits.

A family size of 2 is $17,420.
A family of 3 is $21,960
A family of 4 is $26,500
and so on……

When the income reaches 200% FPL the client no longer qualifies for CSR (cost share reduction) ie: Silver level zero deductible, reduced copays, reduced out of pocket max.

100%-150% = 06 or C variant CSR
150%-200% = 05 or B variant CSR
200%-250% = 04 CSR
250%+ = 01 NO Cost Share Reduction
Federal Poverty Level (FPL)


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