Disability Insurance


With Disability Insurance  you protect your ability to earn an income.

Disability insurance pays cash benefits to the policyholder in the event that the insured is unable to work due to sickness or injury. It insures the beneficiary’s earned income against the risk that a disability creates.


The period of time the benefits will be paid following the elimination period could be from 2 years to age 65 to lifetime. The longer the benefit period, the more expensive the policy.


These policies cannot be cancelled by the insurance company even if a change in the insureds circumstances would make him or her a greater risk. The insurance company cannot make any changes to the provisions of the policy or add restrictions.


If policy holders pay the premiums for disability insurance, disability benefits are free from income tax. If an employer pays the premiums and employees receive benefits, employees must pay income tax on benefits received as they would on normal income.


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