Travel Health Insurance

Travel Medical Insurance Options

Not all international health plans are engineered the same way. Become an expert buyer and understand the critical differences in benefits and disparities in consumer protections.

Single Trip Travel Medical Insurance 

Ideal for international leisure, missionary or business travel

Choice of varying medical limits and deductibles.

For trips up to 6 months for ages 84 or younger.

Covers pre-existing conditions for medical services and medical evacuation.

Requires a primary health plan

Frequent Flyer

Up to $250,000 for sickness and accidents.

$500,000 medical evacuation benefit.

Covers pre-existing conditions for medical services and medical evacuation.

Unlimited trips in a 12 month period (70 days max. per trip)

Requires a primary health plan

Long Term Travel

Contraceptive services, surgeries and supplies are covered under the policy.

Unlimited annual and lifetime medical maximum.

Deductible waived for office visits with doctors

No waiting period or sublimit for preventive services.

No precertification penalty for inpatient or outpatient care.

Can be kept upon return home, offering unique portability.

Pre-existing conditions covered with creditable coverage.

Illnesses and injuries related to terrorism are covered.

For Tourists Coming to the USA

Seve Corners Tourist Health Insurance Solutions

If you are planning a trip to the United States for yourself or your family members, you need a quality medical insurance plan. Health care in the United States can be expensive and complicated. Inbound Guest provides a variety of affordable and easy-to-understand options, so you can choose the coverage you need.

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