Motorcycle Insurance

We know motorcycle insurance. We can save you money and provide best coverage for your motorbike.



We can  provide insurance for your motorcycle in one of the below categories.


Street Motorcycles

Street motorcycles are motorcycles that do not qualify as Vintage, Classic or Custom. Physical Damage coverage and Liability only coverage is available.

A maximum of $30,000 Optional Equipment coverage is available for purchase to cover aftermarket equipment (requires purchase of Other than Collision coverage).


Vintage motorcycles 

If you motorbike is 25 years old or older and has been restored to its original condition we have special program for those.

Motorcycle must be not ridden regularly.



Custom Motorcycles

Custom motorcycles are motorcycles that:
• Have more than $30,000 in optional equipment; or
• Have been modified to the extent they are unique or one-of-a kind; or
• Require special titling or have a state assigned Vehicle Identification Number (VIN); or
• Are assembled (constructed or “homemade”); or
• Are special production motorcycles manufactured by designated companies



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