Commercial Insurance for Your Business

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Commercial general liability policy will protect your business against bodily injury and property damage such as customer slip and falls or employee accidents without an employee is causing a damage to a customers property. Commercial general liability policy will also protect your business against advertising injury like defaming someone or another company.

The general Liabiluty policy will cover the cost for the claims against your business, the medical expenses, administrative costs to handle these claims, court costs judgments and settlements for costs covered claims.

Product liability insurance can help cover your legal expenses if someone claims that a product you sold, made, or distributed caused an injury or property damage.

– Your business might be unaware that you sold a defective product.

– A customer may claim that your business provided in sufficient instructions, or in accurate instructions causing harm.

– Customer may sue you because they are not happy with the product, even if they don’t prevail you’ll still need to defend this lawsuit.

Commercial Property Insurance protects the business and its Building, Equipment Tools, Inventory, Furniture, Personal property.

It can pay your repair or replacement costs if your business property gets damaged or destroyed.

General liability insurance will not cover claims against your business that arise out of the sale or service of alcoholic beverages. Such claims are excluded via the liquor liability exclusion. Any business that sells or services liquor needs liquor liability coverage. Simply put, if you have a liquor license, you need liquor liability coverage.

Worker’s Compensation insurance protects the employees against injuries or illnesses resulting from their work. Workers compensation insurance will cover medical expenses, also on-going expenses, in some cases a part of the loss of income as well. Depending on the type of your business, in Florida you are mandated to carry Worker’s Compensation insurance if you employ people.

Business interruption insurance helps replace lost income and pay for extra expenses when a business is affected by a covered peril.
Business interruption Insurance covers
– For lost income from the destroyed merchandise (minus expenses you may have already paid, such as shipping).

– For extra expenses if you must temporarily relocate your business because of the fire (for example, the cost of rent at the temporary location).

If a customer thinks that a mistake in your professional service caused a financial loss, they can demand this loss to be covered by you. Professional liability insurance helps protect you and your company if you are making a mistake in your professional service. This is also known as errors and omissions insurance.

For example, a realtor representing the buyer, providing a contract to the seller forgets including a contingency clause into the contract. And if the contingency does not happen the buyer may be obligated to go through with the purchase because of this error from the realtor. The realtors professional liability insurance will respond in such a case.

If you are using your vehicle for your business purposes you may want to consider having a commercial or the insurance. Even if you’re using a four-door sedan or a large truck the commercial auto insurance maybe in the right coverage for you. A commercial auto insurance will protect your business against claims that were cause while the vehicle being used for business purposes.

If your business is using computers, or you are accepting credit cards you definitely need cyber liability insurance. Cyber liability insurance includes first party coverage, meaning that would cover your company. This insurance will pay the costs associated with a cyber attack, ransomware, forensic analysis, restoration of business interruption, reputational harm and others.

Employment process is a difficult process with many details regulations to follow. A small business may not have the adequate HR department to do everything the way it’s required. Employment practices liability insurance will protect your business against claims such as wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation etc.

If the insured has products, materials, or equipment that travels from location to location, or is of high value, the business should carry inland marine coverage. Inland Marine insurance pays to repair or replace portable business property that is damaged by a covered peril.

For example: If two people get into a fist fight at your establishment and someone gets physically injured, the customer may potentially sue your business for damages.  Assault and Battery Insurance policies help protect your business from the risk associated with physical altercations between people at your place.

Clients We Provided Insurance For

Disclaimer: All businesses listed below are actual clients

Manufacturing Businesses

Insurance for Metal Manufacturing Operations
Business insurance for metal manufacturing companies offers comprehensive coverage to protect you from incidents. We’ll carefully evaluate your business to find the insurance that best fits YOUR needs – everything from general liability to property to technology.
Behar Insurance - Wood Floor Manufacturing
Whether your business manufactures or ships wood products, finding a comprehensive insurance solution for wood products is challenging. We are experienced in delivering insurance coverage specifically for wood products businesses.
Behar Insurance Mask Manufacturing
The Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention (CDC) is now recommending that the general public wear face masks to help slow the spread of COVID-19. If you are manufacturing masks, call us to protect your business.
Behar Insurance Food Manufacturing
Food Manufacturers Need the Best Insurance Protection We provide you with - General liability insurance as required by vendors such as commissaries, landlords, or events. - Spoilage Coverage - Product Liability Insurance Coverage - Workers Compensation Insurance - Cyber Liability Insurance - Commercial Auto Insurance
COncrete Paver Manufacturing
Four our concrete pave manufacturer client we provided protection for this business, buildings, equipment and employees.

Service Businesses

You can say that we are experts on hair salon, beauty business insurance policies. We will provide your general liability insurance policies along with professional liability insurance policies. We will provide insurance policies which will respond to protect your business against sexual harassment claims and others claims that are unique to hair salons.
You take that must care for your pets and you expect a grooming operation do the same. Nobody will intentionally hurt your pet, however accidents happen, if you are operating a pet grooming shop he wants to make sure talking with us for specific insurance needs for pet grooming business.
We have several clients who are in the window cleaning business. Some of them are only providing window cleaning only for commercial properties, some are targeting residential properties. We provide insurance for both
We are providing insurance coverage for many mechanics throughout Florida. We have them to protect their customers vehicles, their operations, their equipment. If you are operating a car mechanic shop, definitely give us a call for your insurance needs. We will find the best coverage for your operation to protect your business.
You are running a shipping store, and you keep other peoples stuff within your store. Talk to us about ensuring your business, any third-party liabilities, and other people's "stuff" while they are in your possession.
Whether you are a parking services part of your restaurant or establishment, or you hire a valet parking third-party service providers you want to make sure that you are properly covered. We do have several options for valet parking operations. Make sure you call us before making an insurance related decision.
One of the greatest marketing businesses there is. If you are running an embroidery business we will be happy to provide insurance coverage protecting your machinery, equipment. We will also protect your business from any general liability or product and completed operations related claims. So you can work on your business.
Our policies insure all medical spa liability risks including Professional Medical Malpractice, General Liability, Property & Contents.
Insurance your construction company can help your business recover from lawsuits, injuries, and other incidents.

Restaurants / Food Service

A pizza restaurant insurance needs can vary greatly from one business to another. Whether your need is general liability policy, or coverage for your delivery personnel or liquor liability policy, Behar Insurance is expert with pizza shop insurance policies.
Behar Insurance Coffee Shop
Getting insurance for your coffee shop is a vital necessity. - General Liability Insurance - Business Property Insurance - Business Income Coverage - Equipment Break-Down Coverage -Commercial Auto coverage
Bar Insurance with Behar Insurance
General liability insurance will not cover claims against your business that arise out of the sale or service of alcoholic beverages. Such claims are excluded via the liquor liability exclusion. Thus, any establishment that sells liquor needs liquor liability coverage. In some states, this coverage is required as a condition of obtaining a liquor license. Call us to protect your investment.
Whether you’re faced with a claim filed against you by a customer, an employee slips and falls in your kitchen, or a malfunctioning freezer melts your inventory, having the right small business insurance in place can keep your business afloat.
Casual Dining Restaurant Insurance
Restaurant business in Florida very complex. We make sure that you are covered for the unexpected happenings.

Retail/Wholesale Businesses

Whether it's a general liability policy protecting you from trip and fall claims or protecting your merchandise, if you are running a retail business call us for the best coverage options. There is also coverage available for replacing your business income if you have a business interruption due to a covered peril.
Not every retail business is the same. If you are in retail business selling cigars and other smoke, we have several options for your insurance needs.
Used car dealerships are unique. We have a great experience in insuring used car dealerships, and working with floorplan finance providers. We make sure that your lot is properly covered, and you are protected against any liabilities that may arise.
If you are running a business which is selling online platforms like Amazon or Wayfare, these companies may have special insurance requirements that you need to fulfill before being able to be activated on this platforms. We do have a lot of experience with these kind of insurance requirements.
Insurance coverage for toy retail business owners. It protects their retail space, the store owners themselves, their business income, and their business assets in they are found to be at fault for an accident.
The right frame enhances the look of a picture, and its value.
What happens if the refrigeration that keeps your flowers healthy and vibrant goes out? Or what if an employee is involved in a major collision while delivering flowers to one of your customers? Purchasing business insurance for your flower store can be a complex process. This is why it is to your benefit to work with us.
Tile Store Insurance
Retail businesses like your ceramic tile store, a business owners policy, or BOP, provides most of the insurance coverages that you need.
Running a grocery store requires a significant investment of both time and money. Without adequate insurance coverage, everything that grocery store owners put into their stores could be lost in a single incident.
You have this large furniture store and tens of customers within. You want to make sure that your business is well protected against any liability claims and you want to make sure you are protecting your inventory which is your livelihood. Call us at Behar insurance and we will discuss furniture store related specific insurance coverage needs with you, before you make a decision.
A tire dealer is a tricky subject for insurance purposes. Especially when your operation is dealing with used tires as well. Call your friends at Behar insurance, we will make sure that your business is properly covered.
We help protect your inventory, stock or consignment, and customers' property entrusted to you from risks like crime and fire.