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You are looking for the most affordable Home Owners Insurance for your property, you are at the right place. While offering the most affordable homeowners insurance, we explain in details each term and what you should expect in case of an insurance need.





We can provide you multiple quotes for

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Our strength comes from working with a broad variety of insurance companies. As each insurance company has a different focus, we can match the best insurance company based on your address, home type, age and your credit score.


We work very closely with your real estate agent and mortgage company to make the insurance process as smooth as possible.


Our clients are from all over Florida. You name it, Tampa, Naples, Miami_Dade, Boca Raton, Orlando, Vero Beach we cover all.


Insurance world can get very tricky. Important is that you know what you are buying. Although we hope you’ll never use the insurance, the facts show that you will need to make a claim sooner or later. Thats where you can see the importance of an hand-on agent. 


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Common Insurance Terms on your Policy

Dwelling (Coverage A): Provides protection for the structure of your home in the event of a covered loss. For example: the walls, roof, or attached garage.


Other Structures (Coverage B): Provides protection for the separate structures on your residence premises, such as a detached garage or shed.


Personal Property (Coverage C): Provides protection for your belongings in your home such as furniture and clothing.


Loss Of Use (Coverage D): Provides reimbursement for your expenses such as meals or lodging when your home becomes uninhabitable due to a covered loss.


Liability: Provides protection for you if someone were to file a lawsuit against you, claiming you caused them bodily injury or property damage.


Medical Payments: Provides protection to someone not living at your residence if they are injured on your property.


Replacement Cost for Personal Property: Provides loss settlement for your personal property on a replacement cost basis, rather than an actual cash value basis.


Ordinance or Law: Covers increases in the cost to repair your home due to local laws or ordinances.


Screened Enclosures: Coverage for hurricane loss to screened enclosures and carports permanently attached to your home.

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