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Shooting at The Bar – Assault & Battery Coverage

Shooting at The Bar – Assault & Battery Coverage

Shooting At The Restaurant / Bar

Real story.

Two people get in to a fight at the bar. Others present broke up the fight and bar employee ordered one of them to leave. As he was leaving, he said “I’ll be back. You’ll regret it”. He went to his car and retrieved a gun. He returned to the bar, where he fired a shot in the air. A bar employee called the police, but he shot the other person dead before the police arrived.

Drinking at the bar

The suit

The the family of the deceased filed a wrongful death action against the bar owner and one of its employees, assaulting claims for negligent security and shop liability.

Assault & Battery Form

Insurance company paid them $25,000 per student to assault, battery coverage form.

Scottsdale insurance company V. Olivares-Missouri court of appeals, Western district_No: WD 83178-September 29,2020

It is always a good idea to verify that you have adequate coverage.

Insurance is the only thing you cannot buy when you need it.

Always make sure that you are properly covered.

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