Owning a dog can be upwards of $7,000/year for medical expenses and medication. Without having dedicated savings, you could be faced with figuring out how to afford to save your furry friend.

Enter pet insurance. It works by paying a monthly premium, usually between $15 – $200/month (dependent upon the type of plan and deductible). This eliminates the large out-of-pocket costs for an accident or illness.

You continue to use your preferred vet or pet wellness center. You pay as you normally would after a visit/procedure. After, you submit your claim for reimbursement, which is processed as fast as 24hrs…easy!

We have partnered with Prudent Pet Insurance, the highest-rated pet insurance company on Trustpilot.

PrudentPet provides coverage for accidents and illnesses, depending on your chosen plan. They also offer three wellness plans to help offset the cost of annual wellness appointments. And just like us, they LOVE technology. With their 24/7 Vet Chat feature, you can chat live with a real veterinarian any time, day or night, which could help eliminate unnecessary and costly vet appointments.

Getting a quote is as easy as clicking the button and providing your pet’s age and breed.

What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

Plans will cover different illnesses and conditions, but most are generally focused on non-routine care and will cover a new illness, disease, or injury. Listed below are a few examples of the conditions pet insurance might cover:

Eye and ear infections
Broken leg
Lyme disease

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